We want our customers to not only enjoy our microgreens at home, but at restaurants and events too! We work with our commercial clients like restaurants, personal chefs, caterers, and event planners to get them exactly what they want. We provide options like cut or uncut, various packaging, custom mixes, and custom planted art trays.  Contact us to start with a free "play tray" to see how we can make Funky magic for you and your business. 

Product list: (check back often, adding new ones constantly)

Arugula-Slow Bolt     Basil-Genovese                         Beet-Detroit Dark Red  

Broccoli-Waltham     Brussel Sprouts-Long Island     Buckwheat-Organic

Cabbage-Red Acre   Cilantro-Slow Bolt                     Corn-Yellow Popcorn

Dill-Bouquet              Kale-Dwarf Siberian                  Kohlrabi-Purple Vienna

Mustard-Spinach      Mustard-Wasabi                        Nasturtium-Jewel Mix

Pea-Organic             Radish-China Rose                    Radish-Rambo

Spicy Salad Mix