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Anywho, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. If you read this and it's still all clear as mud, then please message us, and we'll help you out.

How do I care for my microgreens? We suggest caring for them like any other plant you would bring home, and giving them some water and light. If yours came in a box, we recommend placing them on a dish near a window and keeping their growing medium damp. 

Are these microgreens organic?   Yes, we utilize only organic growing methods.

What is the growing medium?  We plant on hemp mats, bamboo mats, and coco coir.

How do I harvest my microgreens? We use kitchen shears and just grab the tops of the greens and cut as close to the mat as possible. You can also cut with a sharp knife. If you really want to get fancy you can hand pull them so you can use the roots and all. Super impressive on appetizers for guests. Frankly, I'm too lazy for that so it's snip snip for me.

How long do microgreens last? Well, some of that depends on how hungry you are and how green your thumb is. But you can certainly keep these growing and happy until you harvest them for well over a week.  We polish off a square each at every meal, so for us, they don't last long at all. 

What quantity should I put in my single serving smoothie? We use a whole 5x5 square in our smoothies, per serving. 

What flavors are the best for smoothies?  We recommend Waltham Broccoli for it's ability to go completely undetected and it's crazy nutritional value. Kale varieties are also great. When making more flavorful smoothies, we like Red Acre Cabbage and Purple Vienna Kohlrabi.

What do microgreens taste like? Microgreens taste remarkably like their mature vegetable counterparts. Radish varieties pack all of that radish punch in those tiny stems and leaves. Mustard varieties can provide everything from a bit of tang to that horseradish like nasal punch. 

What do I do with microgreens? Great news, they are the most versatile form of nutrition to enter your house. You can add them to salads and sandwiches, cook them into dishes like omelettes, put them in your smoothies, and garnish every dish you cook! Some people use the zestier varieties as their seasoning instead of pepper. We sprinkle them everywhere. Also, we leave them out with easy access and have noticed them getting snacked on. Parents have reported using this technique and noticed their kids munching every time they walk by the tray.