So you've decided to try these wondrous miracle plants, now what? Well, this isn't nearly as scary as trying to order in Starbucks for the first time. First, just like ordering coffee, figure out the size that works best for you. Microgreens are grown in 5" square sections. So a sample box is one 5x5 square of one flavor. A 10x10 box will hold 4 of these squares, so you can get 1-4 flavors in your box. A full tray is 10x20 and holds 8 squares. So you can get 1-8 flavors in a full tray.

A sample box might be for you if: you just want to dip your toe in the pool, try a new flavor, or just garnish a few meals.

A 10x10 box might be for you if you if: you would like to try out a few flavors, garnish your meals, and have enough for a smoothie, salad, or sandwich.

A full tray might be for you if: you like long walks on the beach, you want to try all the flavors you can in one week, or have a square for your morning smoothie everyday of the week plus one extra to garnish meals with. Or perhaps you have a few mouths in the house and lots of garnishing to do.

If you still don't understand this, grab a kid and see the figure below.

Once you have determined how many squares you need, just pick out your flavors and add to the cart. We will package them accordingly!