Turns out, the Funkys are an interesting pair of peeps. This pair of lovestruck aviators met at the turn of the century and are still flying high. In fact, things just seem to keep getting more interesting over the years. But like some couples that you hear about, Mrs. Funky was on Mr. Funky's case about eating healthy. She was sneaking off to Whole Foods and buying all sorts of goodies, including microgreens, which to be honest, she was initially buying because they were cute. Then she fell in love with them but they weren't always in stock and this made her sad. And you know that saying, "Happy wife, Happy life", well, Mr. Funky couldn't stand the quandary.  Always coming up with inventions and solutions, he thought, there must be a better way! Voila! Funky Farmer Microgreens was born. Finally, something good out of 2020.  Since then the Funkys have learned so much about the nutrition and benefits of microgreens that they just have to share them with the world. Plus, as parents, the Funkys have learned some of the magic ways of getting this miracle nutrition into the Lil Funky. Shhhh, don't tell the kid, but they're happy to share this info with you.